Captain America cosplay costumes Reviews

  1. Captain America: Civil War Black Widow Cosplay Costumes

She was trained from an early age, cold and ruthless, although there have been several amours but no good results, so it is a veritable Black Widow. In movie Captain America: Civil War, she is very popular with the audience. She is thoughtful and acts boldly. In the face of the Civil War of the Avengers, she resolutely chose to stand on the side of Iron Man, which also shows that she is wise and decisive.

I like it and comes with gloves and belt. The Fabric is very comfoetable, OMG! This is an awesome costume. Bought for me for fun. It’s nice and stretchy and fit me like a glove. I got tons of compliments and people taking pictures with me. I felt like a superstar!

The suit itself is absolutely perfect and fits wonderfully. All of the smaller parts were perfect as well. Fitted me perfectly and was very very high quality. The shop has good correspondence within one day, the sellers were very helpful and good at communicating,  I will buy costumes from here again.

The costumes conform to the visual, more satin than glossy which is even better. Package Includes: Jumpsuits, Waistband, 2 Leggings, 2 Elbow Pads, 2 Knee Pads, 2 Wrist Guards, 2 Boots Covers, 2 Gloves. These things basically restored the shape of the movie character Black Widow, which is very much in line with my expectations. And the fabric is very comfortable, soft and flexible, and it is also very suitable for my figure, perfect for my curve. Looking forward to the next purchase.

2. Captain America: Civil War Steve Rogers Cosplay Costumes

Captain America is seen as a symbol of American spirit. He is strong, brave, witty, and more patient than ordinary people. In the movie Captain America 3: Civil War , he ignored the government’s supervision, and even he did not hesitate to divide the camp with Iron man. And he challenged the boundaries of the law in order to save his best friend. Such a man who has just had a temperament is deeply loved by female audiences.

I must say that the suit is beautifully good. For movie’s  animations and events it is a high quality suit. And it has a big advantage, it is poorly made from the mould and the sleeves are not deformed. Anyway, the helmets is great, I specifically decided to wear in the Halloween party. The suit is worth it and a neat and well-done arrangement cost me $369. But the suit is worth it, And the shipment was fast, it only takes few days.

And there are a lot of things in the package, including Tops, Pants, Helmets, Shawls, Back Strap, Waistband, Shoe Covers, Gloves. When you see these things, you put on your clothes, as if you are the protagonist in the movie. In the future life, you will set an example and learn the spirit of the American captain.