Once Upon a Time cosplay costumes Reviews

  1. Once Upon A Time Evil Queen Regina Mills Cosplay Costume

Once Upon A Time describes a “black fairy tale” that takes place in modern society. Evil Queen Regina Mills is the mayor of the fairy tale town and her fairy tale status is a witch. Her magic power is very high. Later, in order to change her tragic fate, she gradually became better at finding new happiness.

I want to play the character is Evil Queen Regina Mills, She is a very attractive person, although she is not a good witch in Once Upon A Time. This cosplay costume looks very cool in the picture, especially the the cloak are so handsome. There also have Vest, Skirt, Stockings, Belt, Scabbard, Gloves. The details of these things are handled very well, the texture is light and soft, you can also mix and match the costumes and play your own Riga Minor Cosplay costume.

 Evil Queen Regina Mills Cosplay Costume

The dress is beautiful, overall. The vest is shimmery and pretty. The size chart is right, I checked my measurements and ordered the size that’s supposed to fit my measurements. The whole cosplay costume looks black, because it is a evil queen. And it seems to have a combination of fashion and mystery, more realistic display of the character’s shape. The price of this whole set of clothes is very reasonable and suitable for a variety of different occasions, because it looks very good. So I highly recommend this cosplay clothing store to you, and my next purchase will be here.