Captain America’s aura of justice is so dazzling that even Loki can’t help laughing at it.The Avengers 4 made us stunned, except for the black widow’s death, and the end of the two Avengers leaders, American captain and Iron Man.Captain America and Iron Man are two leaders with very different personalities,one is a handsome and honest veteran cadre, and the other is a cynical second-generation rich.The two often disagree over ideas.They formed a strong contrast between the two, which can be seen from their different attitudes towards the Sokovia Accords.
Captain America used to be a soldier who obeyed the order. He chose to refuse to sign the agreement.Iron Man, who has always disdain for obeying orders, has advocated signing an agreement this time.Under the seemingly just appearance of Captain America , there is a rebellious heart based on his past experiences and his own independent thinking.When he first became a super soldier, the government did not send him to the front line, but let him dance in the rear, and became a propaganda tool for selling government bonds.
After joining The Avengers, he discovered that the upper levels of SHIELD had been infiltrated by Hydra.He no longer believes in government and the system, for which he was once willing to give his life, only to find that everything was so dark.Therefore, the captain of the United States believes that the agreement is merely a manifestation of the government’s high-level shirking responsibility, and the members of the Avengers are capable of being responsible for their actions.In order to prevent those senior people from sending them to the wrong place and doing something unjust for their own interests, they should not give up the right to choose and resist.
“That you must stay who you are.Not a perfect soldier,but,a good man.”
Captain America is no longer a soldier who blindly follows orders. As Dr. Erskine expected him to be, he becomes a good man.
Captain America 3 undoubtedly pushed the Captain America to the forefront, and his actions are highly controversial.The great, righteous image of captain America was removed from the altar and replaced by an ordinary man of flesh and blood.He makes fatal mistakes and struggles with confusion just like we do.He was always trying to do the right thing, and one day he couldn’t figure out what was really right.He finally understood that there was no absolute correctness and error in the world, and there was actually a gray area in the middle.
The brainwashed Bucky killed Iron Man’s parents, and Captain America did not hesitate to fight against Iron Man in order to defend his comrades.From the perspective of the Captain America, his heart can be described as extremely complicated contradictions.When he had nothing, Bucky always accompanied him. This friendship can’t be compared with anyone, and Iron Man is also a comrade-in-arms he once had.In the face of a powerful enemy,Captain America has emphasized to Iron Man to work together, and Iron Man decided to let go of personal grievances.They chose to trust each other this time and fight side by side again.
The outcome of Captain America and Iron Man was unexpected but reasonable, and they each got a real relief.
captain america cosplay clothes ends up being Captain America, and Captain America ends up being iron man.”