Feeding Teething Baby – Helpful Tips For Parents

You can start feeding your teething baby from the time he wakes up till he falls asleep; it’s as simple as that. But in the very first two weeks, you can start by introducing them to their bottle. In addition, these are very healthy feeding methods that can keep your baby happy and full of energy.

Feeding Teething Baby - Helpful Tips For Parents
Feeding Teething Baby – Helpful Tips For Parents

Feeding Your Teething Baby

Teething is
when a baby can experience pain in the mouth or in the gums. It is usually
experienced when the baby grows older.

Like many infants, babies who are teething tend to be drawn to their mother’s breast milk. This is because it provides them with the necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals they need for healthy teeth and bones. It also acts as a form of comfort for them.

Many mothers
put some amount of milk in their mouth and suck on it; this is called milking
the teething baby. Your baby can feel safe and secured by sucking on it.

You can also
try rubbing the back of your baby’s hand in your breast milk. This helps soothe
the baby’s discomfort caused by his/her teething pains. It also makes him/her
feel comfortable during teething and helps him/her to have good sleeping

Gently Brush Your Baby’s Teeth

If your baby
is not teething yet, there are soft-bristled brushes available that you can use
to gently brush your baby’s teeth. Although the baby will not be able to brush
his/her own teeth yet, it helps him/her to learn the basic brushing skills. By
brushing your baby’s teeth gently, you are also helping them build good oral

Teething can also be an indication of an impending toothache. It is therefore important to have a regular dental checkup to make sure your baby doesn’t suffer from tooth decay or tooth abscess. Teething babies should also be given an extra dose of vitamins, minerals, and good bacteria for healthy tooth development.

It is vital
to promote a healthy lifestyle for your baby. This means you must eat a
balanced diet and get enough rest. These factors will help you relieve the pain
and discomfort your baby feels at the moment of teething.

Feeding Teething Baby - Helpful Tips For Parents
Feeding Teething Baby – Helpful Tips For Parents

Importance Keeping Their Teeth Healthy

Although the
pain caused by teething is similar to that of an adult toothache, it takes more
than just the routine dental care for a baby to get better. Toothpaste with
fluoride, which is provided by the dentist, is vital in treating it. Sometimes,
a special method like ‘chiropractic adjustment’ may be done.

With this
procedure, a chiropractor adjusts the spine and jaw joint of the baby to
relieve the pain of teething. The patient is given pills that are designed to
stimulate the nerve endings in the gums and also the muscles in the jaw’s
muscles. Once the process is complete, the baby will feel much better.

Avoiding the causes of teething are also important. It is advisable to keep the teething baby away from any foods, drinks, or foods that can cause a painful situation at the gums or teeth. With the information above, you now know how to help your baby from teething.

A healthy
body also helps a baby to have a healthy mouth. That’s why it is important for
your baby to eat regularly and at the same time, be kept away from any

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