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Owning a collection of quality replica watches is a very good investment, but you also need to learn how to keep your watches in pristine conditions as well. You do not have to do anything extraordinary in order to care for your wrist watch. Taking care of your watch will definitely extend the life of the watch and give you absolute value for your money.

You can care for your watch in the following ways

  • Keep your watches away from extreme heat or cold. If you will be living in extreme temperatures ensure that you buy a watch that is designed to withstand such circumstances. The battery life of a quartz wrist watch will be shortened if exposed to extreme heat, and extreme cold will make your watch not to keep time correctly.
  • When wearing your watch avoid contact with chemicals, gases or solvents. These may discoloring, corrode or damage your watch.
  • Take your watch to a qualified watch repairer or horologist if you are having trouble with it
  • Keep your watches in a storage chest in order to keep them from getting scratched and covered with dirt.
  • If you usually engage in extreme sporting activities, then ensure that you wear a watch that can withstand aggressive activities such as, mountain climbing, surfing, snow boarding, diving etc.
  • Do not wear your watch if you are going to come in contact with salt water, because salt water is known to cause corrosion.

What Causes Watches and Jewelry to Corrode?

  • Moisture or Wet Conditions
    The truth is that there is no such thing as 100 percent pure gold jewelry. Pure gold itself will not corrode, but gold is too soft for the production of many types of jewelry and hence is alloyed with amounts of base metals such as copper or silver in order to make it harder. Often times the base metals become dark and sometimes even a little bit corroded. The corrosion usually occurs under moist or wet conditions.
  • Perspiration
    Watches can also become corroded as a result of sweating. The human skin is has thousands of perspiration glands and the perspiration is usually made up of mostly fat and fatty acids. The sweats although made up of mild chemicals are certainly enough to cause corrosion of 14 karat gold. Rings which contain silver and copper alloys can easily corrode on the skin if enough salt is present.
  • Medications
    Certain medications in a watch wearer’s system (especially certain antibiotics) can lead to the corrosion or discoloration of jewelry.

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