Throw on Hello Kitty pajamas and have a pajama bash with your friends

 Why are we so in love with onesie pyjamas? Even though they cause us a lot of inconvenience most of the time, they still can’t stop some fanboys from loving the one-piece Kigurumi cartoon pyjamas.

      With the progress and development of The Times, the freedom of dressing is gradually advocated, everyone’s tolerance of one-piece pajamas is growing, in addition to the home, you can wear it in more occasions, such as shopping, party, etc. The all-in-one pajamas are more than just a piece of clothing. They represent the release of people’s nature and the courage to be themselves.

     Kitty, the English name of the famous Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty, was born in 1974, when Sanrio ordered a small wallet with designs that it hoped would create a new character. Yuuko Shimizu, the first generation of Kitty’s designers, started with the idea of children’s favorite animals — little bears, puppies and kittens. Since the first two have already been introduced, she decided to use her favorite cat, and the little white cat with the red bow appeared on the purse. Shintaro didn’t really like it at the time, but incredibly, the kitten became wildly popular.

      The popularity of Hello Kitty is far beyond the imagination of the original author. From old ladies in their 80s and 90s to young children just leaving the house, hello Kitty has shown extraordinary love. Due to its cute appearance and delicate pink color, it is popular among many women. It is believed that almost every girl has loved Hello Kitty at some stage. What girl does not have a girlish heart for beautiful things?

      If you’re a Hello Kitty lover, then it’s a good idea to get your own Hello Kitty pyjamas, especially if your room is also decorated in pink. Hello Kitty onesies come in pink with white spots and look cute. We certainly haven’t forgotten Hello Kitty’s signature features — bows and girly designs that make the whole outfit smart and cute. Pajamas are not heavy and suitable for spring and autumn wear. The soft and skin-friendly fabric can guarantee your sleep quality even if you touch the skin directly without tingling.By the way, it also has a pair of furry slippers with claws. If you are cold and the soles of your feet tend to be cold, then this pair of slippers will definitely give you a different feeling. They can cover your feet and make you feel less cold.

      Another reason many people are put off by one-piece pajamas is the nagging problem of going to the bathroom. Of course, we have taken this into consideration in advance. We have made an invisible zipper at the rear of the hip, so that you can go to the toilet easily without affecting the overall beauty of the clothes. It saves you the time to go to the toilet, but also does not destroy the shape. What a perfect design!


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